Advocates to Elevate Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton rates 51st in Reader Digest most trusted Americans

Americans trust celebrities and athletes who have compassion and the ability to give back to their communities.

What good can look like when powerful advocates speak for Hillary:

Our vision is to create a series of 60 second videos, from trusted American entrepreneurs, speaking about their passions around their business and giving back to the community. We think Hillary can help create the climate America needs for positive change by giving the needed economic stability, subjects view. Finishing with why Hillary is the candidate for them.

Advocates to Elevate Hillary Clinton's Trust Factor

Sandra Bullock, Morgan Freeman, Goldi Hawn, and LeBron James, among others, speaking about their journey to give back, and the trust they put in Hillary Clinton as the next President of the United States of America.

Video Treatment: Visual technique is very important to bring together a emotional delivery of when they made the decision to give back -- what got them motivated and excited -- and the importance of that turning point.  Show the person's encouragement of peace and positive change. Show b-roll of the type of programs they support. (Do not run the name of the program they are directly connected with unless approved and appropriate.) 10 second out tro of the video subject stating how Hillary's platform helps the supports the subjects work in their community.


Three Reasons to Build the Hillary Clinton Brand Advocate Program

1)    Speaking truth that resonates with a voter builds deep trust. Brand advocacy is a important tool to gain specific trust for politicians and for all brands, more and more marketers and internal corporate messages are gaining advantage through successful video advocate projects.

2)    Use Hillary's Brand Advocate Program and Strategies. Celebrities will be enthusiastic to support this project, since it serves to both support Hillary and also promote the celebrity's personal projects.  

3)    Content use is a win win for HRC and the subject: MHPV who is shooting the videos would grant unlimited use to HRC and the subject that is being interviewed. This footage can be re-edit into different uses. It can also be release in social media channels as well as on air. All video can be used by HRC at any time in all media. The subject has non-exclusive rights to use the video of their interview. 

Good Brand Style Example:

Title: Electronic Arts, Internal Video

Managing for Results

Directed and Produced by Maggie Hallahan, MHPV








Link to other video examples:

Good use of information/data and staying formal with personal passion. Here is an example of Marc Benioff using advocates to elevate his Salesforce brand.
Title: Salesforce Tony Robbins on the Power of 


Funding for the project is in development:

Cost: On average total price of finished project is $25K per video. Project goal is to produce 10 videos in a 3 month period.  Need a two week window for post production after interview. MHPV would like to start asap in Iowa with viral videos starting to roll out in January. Maggie and her talented team are ready to produce award winning storytelling through advocates to elevate and create trust and win votes for Hillary.


Directed by Maggie Hallahan, Founder of MHPV


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