Showcase the DudeGirl brand with photography for marketing and web store: gritty, girl-powered cycling and active casual clothing for your sweet-and-salty, femme-strong, rough-and-tumble life.


Simple focus on the WHO and WHAT of Dude Girl brand. Capture Dude Girl brand's essence by documenting 2 or 3 different moments-in-time of a Dude Girl's life, with product close-ups to show how Dude Girl products enhance and lift the experience.


A library of images that photographically represents Dude Girl brand, product line and her emotional appeal for the joy of sisterhood and connection through athleticism. There is a raw, rough-edged truth that emerges from casting real-people who are avid athletes, and from unscripted moments/shots. The shots unfold and surprise us like a Dude Girl's life...

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