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0 Emission Engine Project on SF Bay


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  • What: Electric Yacht Conversion for Nex Gen Fem is a 55 foot 1996 Bluewater Yacht

  • Who: Capt. Maggie Hallahan, Coach, Paddler, Swimmer taking 0 Emission Seriously

  • Why: SF Bay is a living spirit that keeps on giving and this treasure needs our awairness and action to protect her.

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  • Film: Healthy Fun on our Bay 

  • Film: The Quest to Bring a Yacht to 0 Emission

  • Film: Tides, History of Water Depth, Clean Up, Nature, Temperature Changing, Global Warming, Boat Pollution and Special Wild Life Returning. How People and Technologies Can Help Us to our 2030 Bay Goals.

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Nex GEN Fem Conversion

Research Pre Production February 2018

Shooting "How to Convert Discovery Process" March 2018

Shooting "Dry Dock - Hall Old Engine -Hull Prep" April 2018

Shooting "Dry Dock Electric Engines/ Batteries" May 2018

Shooting "Lunch - Run Performance Test" June 2018

Shooting "Bay Experts: Bay Health Data & Future" July 2018

Post Edit and Assembly of Documentary Completion Oct 2018


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Education = Safety

Capt. Maggie Hallahan " Precaution is better than a cure. Lets be careful with ourselves, the wildlife and the water in our SF Bay. Allow the bay to nourish itself back to health and enjoy it's healing nature all at the same time." Maggie Hallahan is a Californian, she was a baby in 60's with a family that spent most of their free time on the insanely beautiful California beaches. Naturally after 30 + years coaching outrigger canoe out of Hyde Street Pier, SF and co-founding Na Wahine Ok ke Ki she decided to purchase a yacht to convert to electric. "Our bay has a great need for swimmer and canoe escort boats that are not heaving carbon monoxide in the faces of the people challenging themselves out on the water" Maggie Hallahan is a photography/video storyteller so again it''s only natural that she will be documenting her journey and create hand rails for others to follow the coarse to electric.

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Building Communities

Bay Area population growing to 8 million our youth need now more than ever a clean bay to enjoy and grow up healthy in. Falling in love with the bay happens when you out on or in it. The bridge is narrow that offers a safe fun way to experience the bay. People are often afraid of the cold bay waters because they do not know much about it. When people have safe access they can connect with the bay and then help safe the bay. To make the next step in our Bay Recovery Goals we we need the young water protecter to become heard and to take action. To create and bond with their own call to action. This Project, Film and Website will be a part of new bridge to greater awairness of SF bay. The Web site will list the water protectors, water sport groups and bay naturalist groups. It will also direct people to calendars and email list to get involved in clean up and volunteer work.



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