Smart Boat

Zero Emissions Motor Project on SF Bay


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  • Maggie Hallahan, founder of Maggie Hallahan Photography Video "MHPV", an SF Marketing Agency is seeking corporate sponsorship for the Smart Boat Project.

  • What: Electric Yacht Conversion for Nex GEN Fem, a 55' 1996 Bluewater Yacht. MHPV Purchased in 2018 for the Smart Boat Project.

  • Who: Captain Maggie Hallahan: Outrigger Canoe Coach, Paddler, Swimmer, and a Person Taking 0 Emissions Seriously.

  • Why: San Francisco Bay is a living giving spirit and this treasure needs our awareness and action to protect her. Using renewable energy when possible and electric motors can keep our bay alive and happy making new aquatic living things.

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  • Final Documentary Film will be 40 minutes in length and will be put on Documentary Film channels for wide audience viewing. Documentary Film Covering:

  • The Quest to Bring a Yacht to Zero Emissions

  • Healthy Fun on our San Francisco Bay 

  • Global Warming, Changing Temperature and Tide Lines, Boat Pollution, and Special Wildlife Recovery. How People and Technologies Can Help Us Reach Our 2030 Clean Bay Goals.

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Nex GEN Fem Conversion

Research Pre Production February 2018

Shooting "How to Convert Discovery Process" March 2019

Shooting "Hall Out Old Engine -Hull Prep" April 2019

Shooting "Electric Motors/ Batteries" May 2019

Shooting "launch - Run Performance Test" June 2019

Shooting "Bay Experts: Bay Health Data & Future" July 2019

Post Edit and Assembly of Documentary Completion Oct 2019


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Education = Safety

Captain Maggie Hallahan is a Californian, she's a 60's baby with a family who spent most of their free time on the insanely beautiful California beaches. Naturally, after 30 + years swimming, boating,  coaching in the bay and co-founding Na Wahine O'ke Ki Outrigger Canoe Club,  she decided to purchase a yacht to convert to electric power. So again it's only natural that she will be documenting her journey and creating hand rails for others to follow the course to electric.

"Prevention is better than a cure. Let's be careful with ourselves, the wildlife, and the water. Allow the Bay to nourish itself back to health and safely enjoy its healing nature all at the same time. Our Bay needs boats that do not heave carbon monoxide in the faces of the people bold enough to challenge themselves out on the water." Capt. Maggie Hallahan

Captain Maggie Hallahan is a professional director, photographer & storyteller, her reel can be seen at

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Building Communities

"The Bay Area population has grown to nearly 8 million. We need a clean and healthy bay for this moment in time and for the time of our unborn children and grandchildren.

My love for the Bay stems from many amazing experiences on and in the bay with family and friends. These shared experiences inspired my friends and I to build a community of outrigger canoe paddlers. We have found when we have easy access to the bay, we connect with the Bay's beauty and want to help restore it.

To accomplish our next step in our Bay Recovery Goals, we need this Project, Film, and Website to bridge a greater water awareness to the people in the Bay Area. Our Website will be a starting point to direct people to get local updates from the Bay Keepers and how to link up with Water Sport Groups and Bay Area Naturalist Groups." Capt. Maggie Hallahan



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The Smart Boat Project is gathering friends and supporters to create knowledge share and collaboration with the key SF Bay protectors. Please contact:


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"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence. The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane." Nikola Tesla

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"It is quite insane to pollute the nest we come from." Captain Maggie Hallahan

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If you can help us obtain 2 new Tesla batteries, 2 Model S Tesla motors, and or wind/solar technologies we will be very grateful when we use them in Nex GEN Fem.