Company Profile

Primary Function: To create a long-lasting and durable bed net to protect against mosquitoes carrying the malaria virus

Targeted Beneficiaries: Individuals at risk for malaria

Need Addressed: Malaria prevention

Uniqueness: The Olyset net is stronger than polyester nets, with innovative fibre technology that is almost impossible to tear. Because the insecticide is contained within the mesh fibres, Olyset nets never need treatment. Olyset was the first LLIN to earn recommendation from WHO via the rigorous testing procedure known as WHOPES.


  • Communicate the heart of a company that is committed to making a change in world health, one family and one day at a time. 
  • We wanted to donate our time and capture their excellence in creating a difference in the lives of people across a continent that is desperately in need.


  • MHPV worked with Sumitomo Chemical (Japan) to build a photo library of striking day-in-the-life portraits from across Sub-Saharan Africa. This approach lent itself well to conveying the dignity, beauty, and positive aspirations of the subjects.
  • MHPV travelled to Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Nigeria, Senegal and Tanzania throughout the length of this project. 


  • The photo library helped to establish Malaria as a grass roots cause around the world, with annual financing to fight the disease rising.
  • The resulting photo library is shared free of charge with partners in the fight against malaria. Images have been widely used by organizations includingUNICEFThe WHOThe US President's Malaria Initiative, Roll Back Malaria (RBM) Initiative, Malaria No More, and Nothing But Nets. The image have appeared on media outlets including the BBC and Anderson Cooper onCNN

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