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Award-Winning Unified Malaria Prevention Library;

Sumitomo Chemical Corporate Testimonial

Lisa Goldman - Van Nostrand

Chief of Staff - Global Health Partnerships

Sumitomo Chemical

“In 2001, Sumitomo Chemical invented the first long-lasting insecticide-treated bednet to fight malaria — the Olyset Net. Time Magazine designated it as one of the “coolest inventions” in 2004.

In 2007, Maggie Hallahan developed an award-winning Photography and Video Brand Library for Sumitomo Chemical about malaria prevention. Maggie brought forward a concept of doing a ‘Real People’ Campaign, showing the actual beneficiaries of the bednets across sub-Saharan Africa. Real people, healthy and happy, with their nets became an immediate success. Maggie's extreme empathy makes her an exceptional portrait photographer and allows the dignity of her subjects to shine through across cultures and circumstances.

The library freely shares Maggie’s photography and videos with NGOs, governments, and editorial/news outlets. The Olyset Media Library continues to be repurposed year after year and to reach global audiences, far beyond Sumitomo’s own branded marketing materials. The brand association for Sumitomo Chemical, and for malaria, is positive and incalculable.

By 2015, progress in combating malaria had made it one of the greatest success stories in the history of public health. The number of children who die from the disease has fallen by more than 50%, and the United Nations estimates that 6.2 millions lives were saved by malaria interventions (primarily bednets) between 2000 and 2015.”

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