MHPV, Maggie Hallahan Photography & Video, guides companies through a collaborative conceptual process to the action of creating outstanding visual tools.

Testimonials for MHPV

From the day that I started working with Maggie and her team, they gave 110% of their efforts. MHPV immediately understood the challenges around the project and proceeded to solve them one by one. The energy and effort that the team put into every step of the process was inspiring and the final photographs exceeded all my expectations.
— Susan Park, Creative Director at Skype
One of the best things about this photography library was our ability to feature authentic locations and industry scenarios. My long-term relationship with the Windows Embedded team enabled us to get the devices, scenarios and talent “just right.” This extraordinary collaborative effort gave the business group a diverse visual library to reposition their brand, expand to new audiences, and drive consistent and authentic communications that resonate with their target audiences.
— Sydney Davis, Brand and Marketing Strategy Consultant, Simplicity Consulting Inc.
Maggie understands our image style, and has been providing us with authentic pictures that tell whole stories. Real moments with a pulse: intimate, personal, spontaneous, and full of potential.
— Jeff Boettcher, Creative Director, Microsoft Brand Studio


The Executive Briefing Center enables deep customer relationships on the Microsoft campus in Redmond. We trusted MHPV to carefully create our digital art displays to enhance the customer experience.
— Ryan Compton, EBC Customer Experience Microsoft




Maggie Hallahan
Photographer / Founder / Director Bio

Maggie Hallahan.jpg

Maggie’s unique perspective Comes from her experience as internationally respected, award-winning visual brand development expert. MHPV specializes in gender equality and working with unconscious gender bias. She pioneered the digital photography and audio communication process for Microsoft/MSNBC and Martha Stewart Living and has worked with dozens of corporations and publications around the globe. From 1985-1999, Maggie worked as a feature photographer for Focus magazine in Munich, Germany. She covered the demise of the Soviet Union; human in-vitro fertilization; solar energy; the turnover of Hong Kong to Chinese control; women motorcycling to Sturgis, South Dakota; Burning Man; X-Games; United States military toxic waste; the Canadian referendum; Florida travel; Hawaii travel; white-water rafting in the Grand Canyon; the Israeli elections; and the race for the land speed record.  

Photography/Video/Brand Strategy Project before founding MHPV in 2004:
• United Nations at the UNFPA (1985-1998)
• United Nations International Conference on Population and Development with Tipper Gore (1994)
• United Nations, Mukatom trash dump in Egypt, working with Jane Fonda (1994)
• The United Nations International Conference on Women in Beijing, China with Hillary Clinton (1995)
• The United Nations Declaration on the Occasion of the Fiftieth Anniversary in San Francisco, CA with President Bill Clinton (1995) First digital Photography and web site for the United Nations.
• Mungo Park, Microsoft's online adventure travel site, in Labrador, Western Newfoundland, Placentia Bay and St. John's (1997)
• MSNBC, shooting Richard Noble flying his Thrust II in the Black Rock Desert (1997-98)
• Online show for kids’ education. Directed and Written for JP KIDS/PBS (1999)
• Martha Stewart Living Omni. Worked closely with Martha Stewart, web casting photos while she wrote as we traveled and covered stories on the Nagano Olympics, the California Wine Country and her homes and offices (1997-1999)
• Monsters Inc.—Pixar and Disney International
• What Dreams May Come—Dream Works
• The Incredibles—Pixar and Disney International
• Ants—Universal Studios Home Video
• Cars—Pixar and Disney International
• Pirates—Disney International and ILM
• Finding Nemo—Pixar and Disney International
• Shrek—Dream Works
• PBS Documentaries

Exhibit: 1991-1999—“Maggie Hallahan Exhibit through California corporate location”
Exhibit: 2000—28 prints in California’s Governors office
Exhibit: 2000—18 prints in California State Capitol Museum
Exhibit: 2001-2006—Maggie Hallahan solo exhibition “ State of Emergency” toured California museums.  Starting at the Oakland Museum in 2001. The California Endowment for the Arts sponsored the traveling exhibit though 2006. The exhibit, featuring 45 dramatic photographs of California disasters and a portrait series of emergency workers.  Maggie’s training as a fire fighter enabled her to shoot behind-the-scenes images of the 1991 Oakland Hills fire as well as other disasters.
Exhibit 2012 United Nations : From front lines of Malaria. Currently a traveling photography exhibit

Outrigger paddler Club Founder:
Wahine Outrigger Canoe Club Na Wahine O'ke Kai, Founder and President   

Non-profits and Foundations:
For the past two decades, MHPV has partnered with non-profits and foundations including the Acumen Fund, Amnesty International, American Red Cross, Planned Parenthood, the Craigslist Foundation, the Pew Foundation, Malaria No More, Olyset Nets and the United Nations. Maggie and Team uses their expertise to help organizations tell their story and is currently focusing her attention on malaria prevention issues in Africa, South America and Asia.

What we do

MHPV enables companies to align their core visual brand assets, through:

1.  Extensive and detailed conceptual development.
2. Outstanding, award-winning brand photography.
3. Brand video storytelling that supports and complements the brand photography.

We create award-winning photography, video and visual brand strategies. Our work has been utilized worldwide across all channels and screens.

Companies such as Disney International, Alaska Airlines, Electronic Arts and Microsoft have enjoyed the collaborative creative process that the MHPV team offers.

Why we do it

We see many companies struggling to connect to their customers in a meaningful way. 

We see many companies struggling to connect with their customers in a meaningful way. We believe for a company and its brand to be truly successful today it must stand out in the increasingly complex world of information, media and advertising messages—and it can achieve this best with outstanding visuals.

For a company’s brand to build those deeper connections to customers and be truly successful, we believe it must stand out in the increasingly complex, increasingly cross-cultural world of information, media and advertising messages.

And we believe these standout connections are best achieved visually.

That means there is no room for mediocrity or blandness. Every brand image must be a powerful, true reflection of the brand’s principles – and one that resonates and connects with customers.

We enjoy the outcome of shooting worldwide for our clients to creating quality, highly utilized photography and video.

How we do it

We guide our clients through a creative collaboration process to align their truest principles with the powerful, resonant visuals that are needed to connect their brand and products with customers.

Our powerful group collaboration process, created by MHPV’s founder , Maggie Hallahan, effectively channels and organizes the stellar creativity and talent found within the MHPV team. Our process also enables us to work with and complement the skills of existing brand partners, such as advertising and design agencies.

Through this structured approach to creative collaboration, we have produced outstanding results for our clients.

Our philosophy

We believe in highlighting the power of human connection through memorable imagery. We believe in a structured approach to creative collaboration—our team spends time to identify who you are, your obstacles, where you want to go and what sets you apart. Through our commitment to this process and our expertise in branding imagery, we have produced outstanding results for our clients since 2004.

Going slow to go fast

Our team expertise lies in branding imagery, where we spend time to identify who you are, your obstacles, where you want to go and what sets you apart.

Our global presence

With producers around the world and decades of experience, MHPV can mobilize to work anywhere.

Through years of experience, we have created multiple templates to manage high volume, expedite the process of authentic location development, precision talent sourcing, real-time gallery review, and more. 

MHPV Producers are in Paris, Munich, Milan, Dakar, New Zealand, Lagos, Cape Town, New Delhi, Shanghai, Tokyo, Panama City, and Lima, as well as cities across the US and Canada. 

Our advantages

Maggie's contagious passion for creativity travels like wildfire. She is the lead director behind MHPV’s focused and nimble creative team. We have a global presence and can mobilize quickly to locations anywhere in the world. We conduct extensive research for our talent skews, utilizing census reports and evaluating upcoming trends to make important recommendations for our clients and their demographics.

We insist on unlimited time rights with our talent. Our talent releases are negotiated for unlimited types of usage in international markets.

Our photographs and videos are released with unlimited duration and unlimited international markets.

Our backbone is Maggie Hallahan and our extremely talented in-house photographers, videographers and editors work in great collaboration. Our team has deep roots in the editorial process, thus helping us create high volume images and video for our clients to select from.

We have created multiple templates to manage high-volume requests with often at short turn around time, to expedite the process of project completion, within budget, and with outstanding results.



    • Current brand assets review
    • Development of conceptual ideas
    • Pre-production
    • Scenario-list development
    • Project management
    • Demographic research for ethnic/age skew
    • "Real people" casting
    • Specialized legal resources
    • Post-production/editing
    • Diverse, fully customized deliverables


    • Visual Brand Guidelines for client approval
    • Production scheduled timeline
    • Detailed scenario shotlist
    • Securing authentic location
    • Precision talent sourcing
    • Development of creative rights and supporting legal documents
    • Real-time gallery review


    • Effective mobilized productions
    • Same-day multiple scenario environments
    • Expert logistics team
    • Casting directors talent sheet
    • Talented producers creating a smooth path.
    • Actualization of realistic daily scenario


    • Two initial edits: 1. ) Online review gallery   2. ) Large edit for client to make final images and video selects
    • Color balance
    • Logo removal/alterations
    • Corporate legal review
    • Export to necessary file formats
    • 1-year storage of all assets


We are able to efficiently offer an accurate quote for domestic or international projects via our highly developed estimate system. Please email


We are very proud to be WBENC certified (Women's Business Enterprise National Council).