Working closely with the Skype creative team, we strived to reveal the beauty and magic of human communication. People often have their own favorite Skype moment, we built scenarios to share and imagine these special moments.



  • Create fresh point-of-view still photography and video reflecting warm and real scenarios for the new Skype brand library and Xbox Fall 2013 product release.
  • Help strengthen and breathe life into the growing Skype brand vision. 
  • Visually represent the spectrum of the Skype experience. 


  • Working with our in-house creatives and the Skype team, we crafted forty diverse and specialized Skype scenarios to depict within the categories of family communicators, social connectors, and professionals. 
  • We designed a bright and confident aesthetic to complement Skype's journey from the functional to the emotional. 


  • Dynamic and compelling photography and video pairings that represent the essence and heart of the Skype brand. 
  • The client is very happy to have still images that are related to the video.  
  • A carefully designed image bank (ready for use in web and print) that reflects the honest and clear vision of the company. 


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